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RE: stone Veneer support

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Depending on the required span, a "loose lintel" is used, usually a rolled
angle.  It's called "loose" because it is separate from the structural
backing (in this case, wood).

For *most* applications, size an L3.5x3.5 or an L4x4 with 8" bearing each
end.  You can usually take advantage of arching action of the veneer.  Also
keep in mind the deflection limitations.

Stability is maintained with standard tie-backs just above the lintel, but I
have also seen where the lintel is bolted to the wood beam.

For really long spans or unusual situations I have used steel columns buried
in the wood walls.

Jason W. Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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Subject: stone Veneer support

For a residential dwelling with a five inch exterior stone veneer,
the stone is typically anchored to the wood studs w/ metal straps and
rests on the exterior footings

My question is how to support the stone above an opening. It appears
that typically the stone is supported on a galvanized steel angle which
is bolted to the wood header above the opening.

However UBC  sec. 1403.6.2 of volume 1 states: "Noncombustible,
noncorrosive lintels and noncombustible supports shall be provided over all
openings where the veneer unit is not self spanning". Does this mean then
that the headers
supporting stone veneer should be steel members w/steel columns?

Tarek Mokhtar, SE
Laguna Beach, CA

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