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RE: Tell me what's really on your mind

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I think the sub-lists are an excellent idea, and have subscribed to several of Structuralist.Net’s topics.


While I think the political discussion list is a good idea, I believe there is one flaw.  Very few of the “political” discussions on THIS list start as political.  They start as a question on bolt spacing or wood framing, and slowly degenerate into heated arguments on AISC committees and the adequacies (or not) of various celebrity governors.


My personal opinion is that if you want to only deal with specific issues, then subscribe to Dennis’s itemized lists.  If you have lots of interests, or if you like wading through lots of opinions and mud, then stay here.  I intend to do both.  If I have a specific structural question in the future, I will post it both to here and to the topic-specific lists.


As a side note, there is a web-based engineering question-and-answer service available. 

Go to:


There are different forums on structural, civil, electrical, etc. engineering.  Forums like soil mechanics, shear walls, moment frames, finite element analysis, etc.


Two MAJOR problems:  The site is ad-supported, and there are ads everywhere – including the dreaded pop-ups.  Also, the site gives (sells?) your email address to “targeted clients”, unless you “opt-out”.  I personally don’t believe the “opt-out” option works, so I’ve never registered.