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RE: Tell me what's really on your mind

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If you think that your email address is not already on that list that
people sell or use for spam, then I hate to be the one to break it you...

One of the EASIST ways to get on spam lists is to have your email address
floating around on a web page.  Spammers use "spiders" to crawl the list
to find email addresses to spam.  And guess what...since the SEAINT list
archive is in the form of a bunch of publically available webpages,
everytime you post a message to the list your email address appears on
another web page...again...again...again...and so on.  So, the spiders
just wander along, grab your email address, and whoppie, you are on a
bunch of spam lists.

You can easily verify this...go to Google and do a search for your email
address and see how many hits you get.  (FYI, a search of my email address
returned 2570 hits...virtually all likely are SEAINT posts)

So, even though you don't get advertisements on the list, you email
address has been "captured" and likely sold.  So, you then get the joy of
all that lovely spam.  So, sit back and enjoy all the messages for
prescription meds for sale, porno, messages that make no sense, Nigerian
scams, etc.  <grin>


Ypsilanti, MI

(and the Google search goes to 2571!)

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Jason W. Kilgore wrote:

> As a side note, there is a web-based engineering question-and-answer service
> available.
> Go to: <>
> There are different forums on structural, civil, electrical, etc.
> engineering.  Forums like soil mechanics, shear walls, moment frames, finite
> element analysis, etc.
> Two MAJOR problems:  The site is ad-supported, and there are ads everywhere
> - including the dreaded pop-ups.  Also, the site gives (sells?) your email
> address to "targeted clients", unless you "opt-out".  I personally don't
> believe the "opt-out" option works, so I've never registered.

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