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RE: AutoCad Arch Desktop 2004

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I would like to know more about your opinion on ADT 3.0.  We need to upgrade our AutoCAD 2000 and can upgrade to ADT 3.0 (whether or not we can afford to is another question) but it costs more than just upgrading to 2000i.  What didn't you like?  Was is just the online catalogs?  What do you mean by "required online interaction"?
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Are any of you using the Architectural Desktop 2004? I have until the middle of January to make my decision to upgrade ($1,890.00) or not. I tried AutoCad 2002 and Architectural Desktop 3.0 (which doesn't seem to be on the list of upgrades at all) and I did not like them. There was too much required online interaction that kept changing over time. I wanted something that stayed on my computer and either created details parametrically or offered a library that was on my system rather than relying upon going to online catalogs.


If anyone has upgraded from Architectural Desktop 2 to Architectural Desktop 2004, please let me know what you think is an advantage (if any) and whether it is worth taking the plunge and giving into software extortion :>)