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RE: stone Veneer support

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Some years back, I researched the requirement prohibiting masonry from being 
supported by wood.  It appears that the requirement is purely aesthetic ---- 
that wood deflection (and creep) causes masonry to crack.

There is a (landscape) nursery near my home that has a wood lintel 
supporting masonry over a set of double doors.  (It was built years ago when 
the land was outside of city limits and was not under the jurisdiction of any 
building code.)  The lintel had deflected and the masonry above it cracked 
along mortar joints that clearly demonstrated to an engineer that masonry 
bridged the opening and that the lintel supported only a small triangular 
portion of the wall.  The wall has since been pointed and painted and the 
crack is no longer visible.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bruce Holcomb wrote:

. > According to Section 2104.1.6 of the 2000 IBC this is not allowed... am I
. > reading the code correctly?  Does the IRC allow brick veneer to be 
. > supported on wood? I am not very familiar with the Residential Code, but 
. > a quick check of section R606.9 says brick over openings is to be 
. > supported on steel lintels.

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