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Re: S.E. Position

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I am curious about what you said in your post. Does
your firm actually outsource engineering work to
India? (or were this part of the "sarcasm" you
referred to?) I know this is going on in the steel
detailing industry and is happening in larger
engineering firms, but this is the first I've heard of
a small consulting engineering firm outsourcing work

It would seem that with the availability of computers
to do bulk design, it would not be neccessary (nor
economical) to outsource bulk design work overseas.

Likewise, I would think that structural drafting would
be more efficiently done "in-house" rather than
half-way around the world.

Just curious. (I like keeping my "ear to the tracks"
so that I can have a little warning before the "Global
Economy Express" runs me over!)


--- Andrew Kester <akester(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Listees:
> My company is going the regular routes (outsourcing
> to India, H1-B, robots) but I guess we really need a
> good engineer in our office, and I am not cutting
> it. Sarcasm off... 
> Since I have read lots of quality responses on this
> list, and I fell there are some quality engineers
> reading this, I feel it is worth letting you guys
> know about a new position in our company.
> The ad as it appears on Monsterjobs:
> Burton Braswell Middlebrooks Associates, Inc., a
> leading structural consulting firm in the southeast,
> with offices in Orlando and Boca Raton, has an
> immediate opening for a senior-level engineer in the
> Orlando office.  Minimum requirements include 10
> years of commercial building design.  P.E. license
> required.  Must obtain Florida P.E. license within
> one year.  This is an incredible opportunity for the
> right individual.  BBMA offers an excellent benefits
> package, including medical, dental, life and
> disability insurance, as well as 401k.  Please
> respond with current resume to kpetersen(--nospam--at) 
> Andrew kester
> Longwood, FL

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