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Spam generation by list

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Scott Maxwell had an excellent commentary a couple of days ago saying
that the list archives are freely available to "spiders" that find our
posts and email addresses and then give us spam.
My IT manager was given fits a few months ago about the alarming
increase of viruses and garbage I was personally getting - I'm now
making the connection that it was the same time period in which I
started making posts to this list, and my email is not publicly posted
on any other websites.  
If this is true, then why shouldn't the archives/list be made available
only to people who go through a simple registration process, and then
require a login to access it?  That would have no burdensome effect on
the majority of people who receive the list through subscription - it
would only really affect archive searching.
Technical guru commentary is welcome.

Ed Tornberg, PE 
Blazer Industries, Inc. 

Aumsville, OR


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