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RE: virus alert

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I also got this, and I suspect that everybody did.  Any modern antivirus program should routinely catch it.  If there is anyone still out there unprotected, go get AVG Antivirus 6 (freeware) right now!

For those still suffering with spam, I continue to recommend POPfile running as a proxy (Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.), or as an Outclass plug-in (Outlook).  All of this is freeware.
For pop-up blocking, I am very happy with the Google 2.0 Toolbar.  Once again, this is freeware.
Happy Holidaze,
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Plano, Texas ... The Best Place to Live!
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Subject: virus alert

On my computer Norton just identified and quarantined the virus w32.bugbear in a message sent to the list with the subject "seaintDigest for 2 Oct 2003" by "admin(--nospam--at)" Watch out for this.