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CONCRETE: Parallel Cracks in Beam Soffit/Web

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I have been inspecting some twenty-year-old precast concrete planks (walkway platform) which are exposed to marine atmosphere (part of a long pier). The planks are three feet wide by twenty feet long by four inches, with a six inch wed by ten inch deep edge beam all around.
In almost every instance (and there are almost two hundred of these planks) I see evidences of cracks in the soffit and web of the beam, parallel to one bottom corner standing off about one to two inches from the corner.
In some cases, there is concrete spalling that reveals the No. 6 mild steel rebar.
It looks as though the rebar has succumbed to high humidity and likely presence of Chloride ion floating around, and has "gotten fuzzy," so that it has created these cracks parallelling the nearest concrete edge, sometimes even spalling the concrete off.
Does this seem reasonable to anyone else? Or is there something else that I might be missing?