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RE: Spam generation by list

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We are learning to live with spam!-  There are programs we can  use to reduce the amount of span we receive but it is doubtful that we can eliminate it based on our Internet presence.
The ability for us to obtain these posts through  a search on the Internet is easier then searching the archives. Not all professionals know about this list and should have access to this information without having to join this or any list to obtain limited information.  
The only answer that I can suggest is to change list software that will not allow publicaly allow archiving. Mailman software prevents public viewing but I don't believe this is in the best interest of our profession.
We need access - easy access to info and we should do more to protect our mail from spam rather than allowing spam to keep this information inacceeable!

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    Subject: Spam generation by list
    Scott Maxwell had an excellent commentary a couple of days ago saying
    that the list archives are freely available to "spiders" that find our
    posts and email addresses and then give us spam.
    My IT manager was given fits a few months ago about the alarming
    increase of viruses and garbage I was personally getting - I'm now
    making the connection that it was the same time period in which I
    started making posts to this list, and my email is not publicly posted
    on any other websites.  
    If this is true, then why shouldn't the archives/list be made available
    only to people who go through a simple registration process, and then
    require a login to access it?  That would have no burdensome effect on
    the majority of people who receive the list through subscription - it
    would only really affect archive searching.
    Technical guru commentary is welcome.
    Ed Tornberg, PE 
    Blazer Industries, Inc. 

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