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Re: Sheathing Requirements

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UBC and IBC don't seem to mention staggering the sheathing joints.

See UBC 2320.12.9 and IBC 2308.10.8, both of which refer to a table entitled
"Allowadble load for wood structural panel roof sheathing CONTINUOUS over
two or more spans and STRENGTH AXIS PARALLEL  to supports."

If builders are using "rules of thumb" rather than engineered plans, all
they have to do for residential construction is follow the Conventional
Light-frame requirements.  If they really do have engineered plans, then the
plans should indicate staggered or continuous sheathing joints based on
"Case 1" or "Case 6" etc. panel layout that the engineering is based on.
Engineers violate both "rules of thumb" for strength-axis direction and
staggered panel joints when designing panelized roof systems.

California engineers (and others still under the UBC) may be surprised (I
was!) to find that skip-sheathing is allowed under conventional light-frame
requirements outside of Seismic Zone 4.  Don't remember and don't want to
look up when the IBC allows skip-sheathing.


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