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Re: Misc Comments

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Your point is well taken, especially when it comes to code language. I personalty believe that we should try our utmost to make code language as clear and transparent as possible.

However, your recent criticism of the writing style in a publication that is only intended as a tool to help people design or analyze a specific item seems excessive to me. I personalty don't care if the sentences are gametically perfect in a Steel Tip or even a text book. After all this is mostly engineering jargon, and as long as the point gets across, that is good enough for me.

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

>>> GSKWY(--nospam--at) 12/18/03 08:49AM >>>
Some miscellaneous comments:

A lot of engineers (generalizing for myself and others that I work with / talk 
to / stand next to at receptions) continue their education throughout their 
careers by reading engineering-related publications.  

Given the changes in seismic design a lot of engineers are reading material 
related to seismic design / seismic detailing.  My personal opinion is that a 
lot of this material is very hard to understand and/or very frustrating to read.

This could be because the subject is complicated and I am not very bright.  
It could also be, at least in part, because a lot of these documents are not 
well written.  

Assumptions are not always well stated or not stated at all.  Words are 
misused and punctuation in the wrong place results in a sentence that says 
completely the opposite of what the author intended.

Personally,  I like it when other people comment publicly and say something 
is not well written.  That way,  I know I am not the only one having problems 
understanding the material.

Gail Kelley

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