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sound transmission, treated wood

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IMO, sound transmission is a science unto its own, not one that should be tackled by SEs. I am working on a school project, and in the Music building they hired an acoustician to make such high tech reccomendations as solid grouted full height walls :)  There are special drop ceilings, foams to use at wall penetrations, etc., so there must be something to the science or else why would they spend taxpayers money on this consultant, right?
CCA is being phased out as of Dec. 31st, 2003. So I was wondering what most of you plan on specifying for  treated wood ?  I have heard that the new preservatives can be much more corrosive, and that some fasteners may be required to be stainless or hot dip galv. Any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed.

Andrew kester

Longwood, FL