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Discussions on connections

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A couple of weeks ago, I had announced that I was
compiling a digest of the discussions on this thread
of "connections" and would be circulating it among
members of the steel-detail list which boasts of over
1300 knowledgeable members from around the world.
Your views were passed on to all those who requested 
a copy of it from me.
Some members of seaint list also requested a copy and
I have sent it to them.
If any one did not receive it please write again.
I now wish to announce that a similar discussion is
taking place in the steel-detail list and I find the
views expressed interesting and informative.
Many members in the steel-detail list have strong
views about the duties and responsibilities of
engineers as regards indicating the values of beam end
reactions in the drawings to enable them to detail the
proper connections.
A debate is now raging on a proposal put forward by a
member that the detailer should indicate the capacity
of the connection on the drawing for the engineer to
While some have welcomed the proposal, others are
opposed to it.
I am of the opinion that this thread should be read by
engineers who are involved in steel design and
Since almost all of you are not members of the
steel-detail list, I am compiling a digest of this
discussion and am offering to send a copy to any one
who mails me privately for a copy.
I can of course post it on the list but a previous
attempt to do something similar resulted in the mail
bouncing as it was too long to be posted on the list.
I invite interested list members to write to me and
ask for a copy.
It gives me great satisfaction to render this service
to all of us, engineers and detailers who are involved
in structural steel design and detailing any where in
the world.
With best wishes
G. Vishwanath (aka Vish on the steel-detailers list)
Bangalore, India

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