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Re: Misc Comments

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I guess I don't think something is a very good tool or a useful design aid if the information it presents is not correct.  And I think an awful lot of times, the point is not getting across, leaving people to come up with their own (possibly incorrect) interpretations.

My personal opinion is also that anonymous criticism (of anything) is completely uncalled for.  If you are going to be critical,  you should at least have the guts to identify yourself.

Although,  maybe there are  reasons.  When somebody posted a message on the PTI message board that was critical of the PTI slab on ground design method, PTI threatened to sue for slander.  

Subsequently when there was criticism of the engineer and contractor involved in the decision to condemn the post-tensioned building in Miami,  the posters were people like Daffy Duck and Fred Flintstone.

My personal opinion on that matter is the engineer who recommended the building be condemned should be sued for gross incompetence.

Gail Kelley