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Fillet Weld Reinforcement of Flare Bevel Groove Welds (Specifically HSS Connections)

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Hello, New to Forum.

In following a design example in AISC's Hollow Structural Sections Connection Manual, I have come across a passage that refers to criteria for reinforcing a flare bevel groove weld with a fillet weld. The example problem (Ex. 5.4, page 5-22) addresses the weld of a WT section to an HSS Column. The passage,..."Note that if the weld [flare bevel] is reinforced with a fillet weld, the effective throat could be increased by 0.25 times the wall thickness per AWSD1.1 which would increase the weld strength by 40 percent"....seems to imply a limit to the reinforcement of a flare bevel for the HSS Section more restrictive than simply building up the effective throat thickness to the HSS shear and/or tension rupture strength.

I have combed through the AWS D1.1:2002 to the best of my ability over the last couple of days and have found nothing specifically regarding this issue with flare bevel groove welds. With deadlines approaching, well,'ve all been there.

Can anyone cite the AWS code section that addresses this topic? Or, would anyone be willing to share knowledge of effective strength limits of fillet reinforced flare bevel welds?

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
William P. Swanson, P.E.

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