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Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential

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I might add Dennis that in our Seaoc newsletter this month you will find a full page, glossy color advertisement for....yes...a local firm that outsources out of country, and proudly boasts of their inexpensive rates.
I have sat quietly while this thread has gone on about outsourcing here on the list. I certainly fall into the category of those who beleive I truly hear the great sucking noise as jobs leave our country and I do not like it.
But I tell you, it reeeeaaaally pissed me off to see this advertisement in the seaoc newsletter. Is our organization so hard up for money that they could not excersize good judgement and refuse this add? This shows me the level of support seaoc has for you, me and every other United States dues paying member.
I can not imagine anything seaoc could say to me to  justify running this ad which would result in me remaining a member.
Sheesh !


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Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 2:48 PM
Subject: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential

I received a call from a head hunter who left a message on my answering machine indicating that he represented a structural engineering firm that had multiple offices in the United States and in Asia. The firm either has or intends to open an office in the La Quinta / Cathedral City area (these two cities are about 25 miles apart). They are looking for an engineer and in the head hunter claims I was recommended to him as having an authority in light commercial and high end custom residential.

I politely declined (also by leaving a message on his answering machine), explaining that I have been in private practice for nearly 18 years and that I would not be inclined to change my work habits to work for another firm. However, if they would like an engineer who is willing to consult with them or possibly have them ?outsource? work to me, I would be happy with that arrangement.

The man called back (we are playing phone tag) and said he understood my situation as he was in a similar one. He explained that the company paid full benefits and the person they chose would head up the office and receive a percentage of the profits. He asked me to call back it I could suggest someone to him in my area.


My take is that we have a multi-national firm who is interested in competing against local engineers by setting up a local office and outsourcing the work to their office in Asia. This did not sit well with me and although it is a potentially profitable offer, it would have the potential to seriously under-cut all the local competition and either force down competitive rates or put some of us out to pasture. I like the pasture idea as I am getting tired, but I?ve been bitching on this and other lists for so long I couldn?t give up my principles and accept an offer like this.


So, I guess I could sit back and say that these games to maximize profit by eliminating trained local labor or professionals is just a figment of my imagination and simply do nothing. I read a quote that I can?t recall exactly or who said it but it was something like;


?All evil people need to succeed is to have the good people do nothing.?


I think the same is inclined to be true to those of us in the structural engineering community who continue to stick their heads in the sand and do nothing while they should be anticipating the potential problem and combating it head on.


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer (as long as it lasts)

And hopefully one of the good intended people!

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