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Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential

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>I have sat quietly while this thread has gone on about outsourcing here on 
>the list. I certainly fall into the category of those who beleive I truly 
>hear the great sucking noise as jobs leave our country and I do not like it.
There's a fairly straightforward solution to the outsourcing issue, 
although it's by no means simple to get through the business lobbies. If 
there were a law that would require firms who outsource to pay their 
offshore contractors a significant fraction, say 75%, of what they would 
pay a resident engineer, I think everyone would make out. 

I think the same philosophy could just as easily be applied to factory 
jobs. And to  corporations who fake a 'relocation' to Bermuda so the rest 
of us have to pay their taxes. 

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