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Re: Eliminate Pop-ups (was Re: Tell me what's really on your mind )

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		I'm a few days late, but last night I read the following in
a newsletter. Part is free, and is good, but this part is in the part sent
to those who make a payment of their choosing - as he says, the more you
pay, the more time we can spend on finding things to help you.
		"New kind of adware isn't detected by utilities 

Dave Raiche of Raiche Consultants notified me of a new strain of adware that
took over one of his PCs recently. He says it wasn't detected, much less
removed, by any of the anti-adware utilities he usually relies upon. Here's
his description of the problem: 
*	"I'm a subscriber to your newsletter, as well as an avid reader of
your columns and books. You may be very familiar with what I describe here,
but it amazed me how the usual programs did not pick it up.

For about two weeks now, I have been bombarded with pop-up advertisements -
not porn sites but still a real nuisance. I have the latest updated Norton
2004, Spybot, and Zone Alarm on the PC. None of these picked anything up. I
then tried Ad-Aware; also no luck. A program I found called HijackThis.exe
led me to a script called Search.vbs containing the code below. Re-naming
this seems to have solved my problem for the time being. 

I saw a lot of articles on the Internet describing the problem but no
solutions. I thought your readers might find it useful."

Contents of script:
While 1
Set SearchWWW = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
SearchWWW.Navigate "";

The problem that Raiche ran into is called a "home page hijacker." It
changes the home page setting of Internet Explorer, which results in the
ad-serving behavior. It's installed by the "drive-by ActiveX" method when
you visit participating Web sites.

If your anti-adware utilities won't eradicate this pest, there is a
workaround. First, you can reset the IE home page without too much problem,
but that doesn't clean up the IE toolbar and other things that the drive-by
also installs. For a simple, free procedure that accomplishes a complete
clean-up, visit DoxDesk, the PC parasite detection and information site.
More info <>" The newsletter
is available at <>.
 	At work, I get virii about once a month, including the one we all
got a couple of days ago, no pop-ups and I've had about five spam emails in
the time we've been online. This is despite using the work email for Seaint
List posts and those are the hits I get when I Google myself. Maybe it's
just because I'm not as prolific a poster as Scott. I cannot get our IT
manager to say what all they do. At home, our pop-ups stopped after I
installed Spybot S&D (shareware). We also have a firewall in the router and
the free part of ZoneAlarm. Gibson Research's tests ( says that
only one port of our system is partially vulnerable, out of over 1,000
	These are cheap presents you could give yourself. And just like flu
shots, if you don't get the flu, you cannot pass it along to your neighbor.
Happy Holidays.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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