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Re: Shear Walls and 3x Framing (UBC) STA

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One caveat regarding earlier testing is the lack of cycled loading. AFAIK the test protocol issue is still not completely resolved--although I hold out great hopes for the CUREE program.

Just yesterday I was commiserating with a local engineer who is doing a lot of the local plan checking. He was complaining about a series of ICBO certified proprietary stucco systems (all tested monotonically). There are also some cardboard systems that were similarly certified. IMHO there are too many unfortunate conflicts of interests in the current "system" of test certification. ICBO gets some large fees from the people with certifications, APA has a vested interest in protecting there members' product, the companies that make & sell proprietary systems have an obvious interest in gaming the hodge-podge of testing/calculation methods. I'm not saying anyone's unethical or evil--it's just the way things are & we practicing engineers need to look carefully at the products we specify.

It sometimes makes me wistful for my aerospace days :o(

Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Tom Skaggs wrote:

Yes, I'm aware of the document.  It's been out of print for awhile.  If needed I might be able to provide a PDF to individuals interested.  In short, I believe what you are referring to the relationship that edge distance has on fastener behavior.  I think the report bolsters Chuck's comment about 1/2" e.d. being better than 3/8".  My entire point on the comment is that Mr. Merrick was interpreting a graphic we had in one of our publications as requiring staggering in both directions.  Either staggering is fine.

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