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Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and h

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>Just like the Davis-Bacon prevailing (union) wage law or the H-1b law 
>requiring payment of prevailing engineering wages?
Same idea but a little broader in scope, since it would apply to all US 
Corporations utilizing offshore labor. Davis-Bacon applies only to 
Federal contracts and H1-b is aimed at guest labor in the US. Probably 
the best way to make it work would be to tax corporations for the 
difference between the prevailing wage and the wages actually paid and 
disallow (for tax deductability) 100% of any expense for offshore labor 
without proof that the offshore contractor was paying the required 

At the risk of sounding like an anti-globalist freak, I don't believe for 
a minute that all the global competitiveness tripe got pushed through 
Congress to expand trade and make a better life for all. It was passed to 
make sure US multi-nationals get cheap labor without messy collective 
bargaining arrangements and occupational safety laws. When times get 
tough in the board rooms and the stock starts down, back come the 
tariffs, as the steel industry has shown us. 

I don't have a problem with a global engineering profession, but I have a 
real problem with bottom-feeders who use offshore sweatshops to undermine 
the US standard of living and pocket the difference. The sooner people in 
other countries can make a buck with good jobs at home the sooner our 
illegal immigration problems will mitigate and the sooner we'll have a 
real global economy.

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