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Re: H-1B lawsuit

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Attention  SEAINT LIST  members:

For those of you  wanting to learn about the H-1B  issue  and   some of the problems with the program    you might want to read the following  story.....................................

Bob Johnson


I think it's one of the worst cases of visa abuse that I've
ever seen by any single company.'

-- Mike Gildea, executive director of the Department of Professional Services for the AFL-CIO

December 18, 2003

Tech Visa Lawsuit Raises Questions About New Jersey Politicians

By Jeff Nachtigal
WashTech News

A five-year wait for two software programmers who were granted
federal class-action status in their lawsuit against a software
company with ties to a U.S. Senator may be nearing a close.

Sona Shah and Kai Barrett allege that Wilco Systems, Inc., a
financial services company based in New York, discriminated
against its employees based on their citizenship and immigration

Shah and Barrett say they filed the lawsuit on behalf of U.S.
workers who are discriminated against in favor of foreign
workers, and on behalf of foreign H-1B visa workers who are paid
less than the prevailing wage for U.S. workers with similar

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Contact Your Legislators About H-1B Fraud, Abuse
Join us in telling New Jersey's senators and representatives
that you won't tolerate fraud and abuse in the H-1B program, and
that you want to see real reform of the H-1B program.

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