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RE: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential

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Dennis, I?d like to nominate you and Chris Wright for
President and VP. (Chris, do you mind being VP?)

I?d like to chime in here. I?m not as knowledgeable
about this economic stuff as many of the others on
this list, but I have noticed a couple thing happening
over the past five or six years. 

I?ve noticed that the rich seem to be getting richer
(and their wealth is growing at an incredible rate of
speed), the poor are remaining poor, and the middle
class is taking a hit ? big time.

I?ve noticed my standard of living stagnating ?big
time. I am in the prime of my career. I feel that I?m
a better than average structural engineer. I do know
of a way that I can possibly make some big bucks in
this profession, but it involves working with lawyers
and screwing over other structural engineers for a
living. I think I?ll pass on that one.

I?ve noticed a bit of a brain drain in the structural
engineering world. Some older engineers (and even some
younger ones) appear to be bailing out of the
profession (before their time) and the best and
brightest of the younger generation are not even
considering structural engineering as a profession.  I
was speaking to a friend last week who retired several
years ago from the profession. He has a PhD. in
structural engineering and was in the profession for
about 35 years until he bailed out. He was one of the
best structural engineers I?ve ever known. He told me
that he was fed up with the profession. When he
?retired? he gave away his entire collection of
engineering books, papers, drawings, references ?
everything EXCEPT his ninth edition AISC Manual! (So
there?s still a glimmer of hope!) How fed up was he
with the profession? Let?s just say this - he told me
last week that his last job was working for a circus.

I know a structural engineer who?s been in the
profession for over thirty years. His daughter is
brilliant and recently graduated from a prestigious
university as a business major. She landed a job with
one of the ?Big 5? accounting firms and her starting
salary (with zero experience) is larger than what her
father is making as a structural engineer after thirty
years. What will she produce to make our economy
stronger? Nothing. What will she add to our nation?s
gross domestic product? Nothing. She?s entered into a
profession where people push big piles of money from
one pile to another pile ? and legally skim off a big
chunk for themselves in the process. I heard a report
on NPR last week that the average bonus on Wall Street
this year is estimated to be about $66,000.  What a
shame. I?m pretty sure that?s not even enough to buy a
half-way decent Porsche.

I?ve noticed that even though structural engineers
working for small consulting firms have not been
directly affected by outsourcing ? we are being
indirectly affected by it.  When large multi-national
firms outsource engineering work, the decreased demand
for engineers (and the attendant decline in salaries)
filters throughout the engineering profession. (Didn?t
I read on this list that Fluor Daniel recently
outsourced hundreds of engineering jobs to the
Philippines at $2/hour?)  If you look our nation?s
economy as a living organism that?s running in an
economic marathon against other countries, then the
loss of hundreds of engineering jobs like that in one
stoke is the equivalent to a swift kick between the
legs by a stranger jumping out in front of you
half-way into the race.

As jobs continue to hemorrhage from our nation I?ve
noticed that most people are in complete oblivion to
the problem.

The one thing that I do know about this problem is
that while there are no easy answers to it, the only
long-term solution is to acknowledge that we are now
in a global game of ?survival of the fittest? and the
ONE weapon will be most effective in this war is
knowledge, education and ?street smarts? (can?t think
of a better phrase, but in other words, not just being
a knowledgeable and educated ?robot?).  The biggest
problem right now is that our nation is like a big fat
drunkard passed out on the sidewalk with six thugs
rifling through his pockets ? that drunkard doesn?t
even realize what?s happening and possibly won?t
realize it until it?s too late! 

Anyhow, I guess I?m done rambling. Perhaps my post is
some "food for thought". 


--- Dennis Wish <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Scott,
> Thank you for your response - it is not easy to
> convince one who accuses

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