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Outsourcing: Old phenamena, new cry!

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Greetings from the East!

I am going thru the discussion on ever green hot topic of "Outsourcing" and since I too am aware of philosophy and ideology of Capitalism etc, I can write the way Pankaj and Bill express their views. But just think -

Is this "Outsourcing" thing new to us? No, only the "methodology" and so the "professions" have changed, otherwise it has existed forever in this world. Business amongst different casts, creeds, communities and continents have always been done within the means that were present then!

Blame the "English" who have, while ruling, taught us English language (good enough to disturb the peaceful sleeps of many out there) and so we, the people who have been charming snakes only, for the centuries, are troubling my friends there is US in the hardcore professional fields like Engineering too! Put a little blame on the Bill Gates, Intel and others, who have brought the "communication" to its present level (and I'm afraid it will even grow)!

US have ?sold? arms and ammunitions to illiterates to fight with each and starve, for years, in the name of free trade! US are free to ?sell? Coke, Pepsi, Burgers and all sort of junk food to the world in the name of free trade! US is free to ?buy? as much oil as it think it ?needs? from any one, by hook or by crook, in the name of free trade! US have created mess around the world in its thirst of ?oil?! US can ?sell? or ?buy? whatever it wants, whenever it wants! US can ?select? what to buy or sell! And when it is somehow a little bit forced in it?s ?selection? then there is a great danger to US community! It has always become an issue of ?survival? for US citizens! How many of you are really aware of this term ?survival?? Some one had told me about ?news? in the papers, that some US citizens, affected by the last big Earthquake, could not get ?washed linens? for days! Whenever there is such a disaster due to Earthquake in China or India, people do not get food and basic medicines for months! Newspapers just talk about how many are dead!

Please think of Humanity too! Do not just stop at being American! You are lucky to be there! In God, you trust! You must have some thoughts on less fortunate ?humans? as they are also the creations of the same God!

This hue and cry about outsourcing has recently ?increased?. This has resulted in more outsourcing! This will again increase the ?volume? of the cry against it and in turn increase the outsourcing, till equilibrium is achieved.

Dennis has not bought the Chinese shoes! His friend, in the meantime, has outsourced some of his business and made an extra buck to buy the American as well as the Chinese shoes! So he has now two pairs of shoes! Many wise men out there have either got two pair of shoes like this, or trying to get, looking and hearing all this hue and cry silently and may be sympathizing with Dennis in their friendly talks!

Just think over it in the name of humanity, as I said before, beyond ?American? and that will be your true trust in God!

India wishes you all a very Happy Christmas! May the New Year bring happiness, health and wealth for everyone out there!

With best regards,


Structural Engineer, New Delhi 




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