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Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential - Scott

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Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 5:12 AM
Subject: RE: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential - Scott

Capitalism combined with Democracy would be a decent system, but as most economists including Dr. Alan Keys believed, the combination of Democracy and socialism is inevitable – there are simply some things that are too important to the people of developed countries that can not be left in the private sector – such as health care. The government has just as much responsibility to protect the health of their citizens as they do in creating army’s to defend our citizens from attack.

With all due respect to my distinguished and learned friend whom I hold in the highest regard--and I hope he will not take this personally--I say:

There is no reason at all why "government" has to be involved in health care for ANY reason whatsoever. No reason except one: Politics and the acquisition of power.
Ask yourself this: What is one thing even more basic to sustaining of human life than "health care"? The answer would be "food."
Yet in the USA, food production and distribution is almost completely free-market.
In fact, the only few areas where this is not so--subsidization of small farmers, food stamp programs etc.--are just as rife with corruption and inefficiency as any other area where the government insists upon being "helpful."
The health care "mess" in this country is (1) a tempest in a teapot, since we have the finest health care system in the world bar none, and (2) to the extent it exists, is directly traceable to government meddling, bureaucratic red tape and the inevitable costs associated with government waste and inefficiency.
But certain political classes will continue to beat the drum of "healthcare crisis" because the health care system, representing as it does one seventh of the US economy, represents a vast opportunity for political power.
The government is NOT your friend, no matter who is in power. That power corrupts, and it does so without regard to political affiliation (take note of the way the Republicans have been notably reticent about actually DECREASING the size of government and the bill for it all since they've been in power).
Giving government yet more power over your life is foolish. If this were the answer to life's big dilemmas, the Soviet Union would have been paradise, and Sweden wouldn't be running huge deficits with no end in sight, and France and Germany wouldn't have unemployment approaching 20%.