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cowboys and Indians

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This is not a directly related to structural engineering post, so delete now if you want......
Globalization is old. How do you think we got here? Someone wanted silk, spices, etc. from the Far East. Spain hired an Italian to find a quicker way to the spice route. To where? India, ironically enough. When they tripped up on this world, lust of gold took over. The first colonies were successful because of TOBACCO. We exported cotton and textiles to the world. We ripped people from their land in Africa to work our farms and build the south. That is globalization too.
Imperialism brought the English language to India, but they have always been global traders. Education is extremely competetive and important in Indian culture. The result is highly educated, bilingual (at a minimum) young Indian workers. High unemployment leads to these skilled workers looking to emmigrate, or better yet, outsource. After all, it probably is not a bad place to live if you have a decent income. When they do come here they become doctors, PHds, or own small businesses. They are the most successful of all immigrant groups in the US with a median household income that is greater then the US average. (When liberals cry about how Americans in certain areas need help, they have been denied things in life, etc., I think about Indians (and other successful foreigners). They come here with nothing and in a few years own a business or have a career, while some lazy American has been here his whole life needs the goverment's help.)
The baby boom generation is getting old and facing retirement, like my folks. THis is happening in other WWII Allied countries like the UK and Australia. To support them and their expensive drug habits, we need more workers getting FICA and taxes ripped from their checks. Problem is there is not enough of us young people, and too many of us our lazy and complacent to make any decent money to add back to the coffers. The answer IS and WILL BE immigration. Smaller countries are looking at it as a means for survival, such as Australia and Spain. Even Germany who hasn't been all that immigrant friendly are changing their attitudes. India has a surplus of skilled and educated labor so they will be one of the great exporters of this "good".
The new globalization is our idea. Let's open up these developing markets in India and China to Coke and Ford and Microsoft. Better returns for the stockholders. Anyone on this list have an IRA or a 401k? Own a mutual fund? You benefit too. But these other countries can't just buy our stuff if they are selling veggies at the markets. So they need better jobs. So we let them make our shoes and clothes and they have more money for cars and computers. But now they went and got smart and got educated and now they can be engineers and doctors and scientists. Now they are threating our livelihood and we suddenly do not like Globablism so much.
There is only so much wealth in the world, and somewhere, somebody has to be poor for us to be so rich. We cannot consume 1/3 of the world's resources if Chinese and Indians lived as we do. They live in squalor so we can live so well. They fit 15 people on a truck so your wife can drive an Expedition to the grocery store.
I value everyone's opinions on this list, and you all make great points, but WAKE UP. Globalization is a beast we invented, and now it is fighting back against us, and who knows, maybe it will all be good in the end for the US as a whole. We lose our jobs as SEs to work at Wal Mart, but then Wal Mart can sell its crap in India that is all made in China, so our 401ks will still grow. I only hope that this new found success does not lead to materialistic greed and this consumer culture that we have here, or India would soon become the most crowded, polluted, disaster of a country there is. I hope that Hinduism and Buddhism will have an influence on the style of their economy.
 I am not even saying I support outsourcing or H1-Bs, I don't know what is the bigger threat and I don't know enough about the issues yet. I am worried about job security and a stable , increasing salary. This issue is far from over, we are just seeing the very begining. Maybe  good economies overseas will help stabalize certain regions of the world. Maybe we should all get jobs in the all-important sports industry, since it is worth way more in annual generation then the entire US agricultural industry.  Maybe I will move there and work for half my salary but with the cost of living I will be making 5x as much. Maybe one day you will go to India and find me owning a convenient store after I lose my job here to outsourcing......
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Channukah, Ramadan (late), burn an incense stick for Buddha, and best wishes to Hindus (not familiar with your holidays or customs, sorry)! We are all global bretheren and some of us won the lottery in heaven and got sent here, that's all.
Andrew Kester
Longwood, FL