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Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential - Scott

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I give up. Shouldn't have tried.
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Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 4:42 PM
Subject: RE: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential - Scott

Mr. Grupta,

The actual bottom line is that you want something for nothing. You are driven by your greed and have no desire to use this opportunity to help your country develop – you can’t see past your own potential for wealth and you think this justifies your criticism that I am the one who is misguided. The difference as you pointed out, is that we have had a few hundred years to evolve our country into what it is today – yet we had less than one hundred years to build industries.


Capitalism combined with Democracy would be a decent system, but as most economists including Dr. Alan Keys believed, the combination of Democracy and socialism is inevitable – there are simply some things that are too important to the people of developed countries that can not be left in the private sector – such as health care. The government has just as much responsibility to protect the health of their citizens as they do in creating army’s to defend our citizens from attack.


The only thing that has caused failure in any system, including Communism, is greed and in your opinion, we should accept that Greed is inevitable.


Good luck my blindsided friend. Time will teach you what it has taught us – there is no security and starvation for some is only a lost paycheck away.


Dennis S. Wish, PE


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From: Pankaj Gupta [mailto:3.sol(--nospam--at)]
Tuesday, December 23, 2003 1:42 AM
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Subject: Re: Outsourcing - light commercial and high end residential - Scott


Dennis wrote:

Capitalism is not perfect, neither is Democracy or Socialism and neither is a Dictatorship - when greed enters the equation, profitable economics crosses that line of perfection and people lose jobs. Rather than addressing this problem, Pankaj is sitting back seeing the opportunities coming his way but is not thinking ahead past the inevitable.


Greed is a human element, and it WILL EXIST, and cannot be wished away (again no pun intended). There are 2 ways of handling it.
1) ACCEPT that it EXISTS. And then try to control it’s negative traits. Harness it. Our ability to accept and then work on from there is what makes us intelligent men. And Capitalism combined with Democracy has been the most intelligent and successful method known to mankind till now for harnessing this human trait of greed.
2) DENY it, or try to SUBVERT it. And you end up with a utopian wish called Communism (Read Russia) or a horror called Dictatorship (Read Hitler).
3) There is a school of thought, which pushes the concept of “Benevalont Dictatorship”. And if this idea actually gains momentum, I will certainly propose Dennis’s name for President and Chris’s name for VP, and if Cliff would like to become Sec. Of State, I would support him too, but under this system support wouldn’t actually matter.


Dennis wrote:

It is easy for Pankaj to criticize me when he is in India, but please tell me, Pankaj - will you support a mass immigration from other developed melting-pots of cultures into your country who can no longer afford the cost of living in the United States? Will India become the melting-pot of cultures like the United States has been?


This above statement says a lot whole of your knowledge and awareness about countries like India. And that is the problem with your arguments. You see only your own lifestyle, circumstances and wealth, and do not even have a foggiest of idea how 90% of the world lives & survives. Please note that I am not blaming the US for the state of affairs. But is it too much, if 90% of the people of this world (who are not even sure of their next meal) try to follow your path to a better living?


Dennis wrote:

Your opportunities are greater than ours now, but this won't last - it's inevitable. If the cost of labor rises you will be left without work while the multi-nationals move to other underdeveloped resources. History has already proved this.


You are wrong on 2 counts.


1) Our opportunities are not greater than yours, they will never be, as you already have a head start of 200 years of following a capitalist economy. They will certainly become greater than yours, if you choose to abandon the philosophy & system you have so far followed.


2) You keep on harping about corporations moving from one country to another, and I do not see what is wrong with that. Are Japan or South Korea or West Germany in a worse condition, than before these corporations moved in. If you think so, I do not know from where you get your information. A more relevant question is “In comparison what happened to the countries which did not allow these corporations to move in like North Korea and East Germany”. Cases of Korea and Germany: Same nation, same people, broken into 2 different economic systems, and in 40 years there is a difference of 10 times in the total amount of wealth. I seriously think you have a very strange way of reading History.


All I can see is some people taking their lifestyle and wealth for granted, without actually working for it (and applying your mind to solve a problem is a part of working).


And lastly, there is NO inevitable, as you say in your terms. You do not even comprehend the dimensions of inevitability, and there is no way I can (however so much I would like to try) to make you comprehend. Visit any Asian or African nation, and maybe you will start to get a glimpse.



Pankaj Gupta

Structures Online



PS: Sorry, Master Christopher, too much Jack Daniels again.

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