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brick walls

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I'm working for an architect who wants to build an 8" brick interior
partition wall.  The entire building is URM, and this wall is to match.  It
is "L" shaped (self-bracing), and is attached to the concrete floor, soffit
of floor above, and existing brick (3-wythe URM) walls on each side.

The architect wants to know if reinforcing is necessary.  His argument is
that the rest of the building isn't reinforced, so why should this wall be?
My answer was that the wall *did* need reinforcing.  My arguments are that
this wall is the partition around an exit corridor, and that since it is new
construction it must meet new construction requirements.

My question is, how do you reinforce an 8" brick wall?  You theoretically
have 3/4" of space between the two wyths.  Would #4 vertical bars in a
grouted cavity with horizontal mesh work? Can you grout a 3/4" cavity, or
would you just use mortar?

My current plan is to use horizontal joint mesh at 16" o.c. with #4 bars in
the cavity.  The cavity will be filled with mortar buttered on the back of
each brick.  The #4 bars will be drilled an epoxied into the concrete slabs
above and below for lateral stability.  I will perform a seismic analysis to
determine the spacing of the bars.

I appreciate any input.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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