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RE: masonry cleanouts

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Dan Morrow wrote:
......."For grout pours 5 ft or less, if you can ensure the grout space is clean and free of debris, a cleanout is not required."
This is true but did you ever see a mason with a 4 ft. long arm?  Yet they will assure you that they will clean it out.  I think that we just have to accept the fact that there will most likely be weak horizontal joints in the masonry when there are no cleanouts.  Probably one of the reasons for the half stress thing.
Jim Persing


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From: "Christopher S. Campbell" <ccampbell(--nospam--at)>

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Subject: Masonry Structural Notes and Specifications


I have been put in charge of re-writing the structural notes for masonry construction for our office.  For just about every detail of masonry I can find either code or text to describe the method and requirements. The one part that I am missing out on is the requirements for clean-outs.  If high-lift grouting is allowed, and the grout is consolidated and re-consolidated, how often do cleanouts have to be placed?  I understand that there are vertical as well as horizontal requirements. 


The other part of this that bothers me is that there appears to be a limitation in that you may not need to require cleanouts at all, even with high-lift grouting, but again, the limits of that are completely unknown here. 


Our typical masonry construction uses are in retaining walls - mostly under 6' in height.  I want the requirements and limits to reflect our needs mostly, but also make sure that I understand the needs to clean-outs.