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Minimum reinforcement for structural integrity at slab-column connections

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In the Canadian concrete code, this requirement may be met by one of a
couple of methods.  One of them implies additional reinforcement,
passing over a column or column capital, such that an overlap of 2 ld is
provided with the bottom reinforcement in adjacent spans.

Should the bottom reinforcement in adjacent spans be grouped so as to
touch or be close to the additional reinforcement ?    For example, if
the additional reinforcement is 4 15M bars on each face of the column,
should 4 of the 15M bars of the reonforcement of the adjacent spans be
aligned to pass over the column ?

I have never seen that on drawings.  Everybody in this region at least
(Quebec City) simply adds the extra bars over the column, extending 2 ld
each side.  They leave the adjacent bars at whatever spacing and
position they happen to be at.  Which means that there may be only 2
bars overlapped with the 4 additional bars.  It seems to me that that
would net satisfy the intention to provide post-punching failure

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