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Outsourcing/world politics/meaning of life

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Is outsourcing just some ironic form of socialism ("taking"{jobs} from the
"rich" in the US to give {better paying jobs} to the "poor" in off-shore

I haven't had time to read all the posts on this thread, so forgive me if
someone has mentioned these points already....

Some very thoughtful posts from engineers in India have been made--in
ENGLISH.   How many of us in the United States can fluently communicate in a
foreign language?  I don't even know what languages are native to
India--Hindi?  Punjabi? Sanskrit?   Some of  the postings display better
English than posts by US list members, although we'd have to get GSKY's
opinion on that  ;-)

My children are very bright, but if I told them that they should learn a
second language in order to ensure a better income, they would probably keep
watching TV and playing video games.

Ever look inside your computer or calculator?  Are the components made in
the US?   Nnnnnoooooo..........
(My son wants to work for Intel, a company that has already outsourced

Someone recently posted that they happily cross the picket-lines in the
Southern Calif grocer's strike.  Don't remember his position on outsourcing,
but protecting union jobs and protecting US jobs seem pretty similar to me.

I encourage any US engineers who are concerned about outsourcing to learn
all they can about the world political climate.  Posts from colleagues
overseas have mostly been very restrained and diplomatic, but at least one
put out some ideas that you won't be hearing on Fox news.    This is great!
Uncensored commentary from real people with real ideas!  I look forward to
reading the views of more non-US list subscribers.  Of course they will have
to be in English, since like most other anglo-americans, I only know one
language--and not very well, at that.

Ethnocentrically yours,


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