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Re: brick walls

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Refer your architect client to the photos in all of today's papers of what 
happens to an URM wall, albeit having stood for over 100 years in a 
seismically active state.  Impress upon him/her the need to seismically 
upgrade the entire building.

That said, if I had a client that insisted on a brick wall 8" thick, and no 
thicker, I would specify chamfers and V-notches cut in the bricks that would 
provide a minimum <3" plus bar diameters> square grout space per ACI 530-02 
table 1.15.1 wherever reinforcing is located.

Note that per table 1.15.1, the minimum width of a grout space using only 
vertical #4 bars between wythes is 1.25" (3/4" + 1/2") and that is if you 
used fine grout and had a maximum pour height of 1 foot. 

Good Luck!


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jason Kilgore wrote:

. > I'm working for an architect who wants to build an 8" brick interior
. > partition wall.  The entire building is URM, and this wall is to match.  
. > It is "L" shaped (self-bracing), and is attached to the concrete floor, 
. > soffit of floor above, and existing brick (3-wythe URM) walls on each 
. > side.

. > The architect wants to know if reinforcing is necessary.  His argument is
. > that the rest of the building isn't reinforced, so why should this wall 
. > be? My answer was that the wall *did* need reinforcing.  My arguments are 
. > that this wall is the partition around an exit corridor, and that since 
. > it is new construction it must meet new construction requirements.

. > My question is, how do you reinforce an 8" brick wall?  You theoretically
. > have 3/4" of space between the two wyths.  Would #4 vertical bars in a
. > grouted cavity with horizontal mesh work? Can you grout a 3/4" cavity, or
. > would you just use mortar?

. > My current plan is to use horizontal joint mesh at 16" o.c. with #4 bars 
. > in the cavity.  The cavity will be filled with mortar buttered on the 
. > back of each brick.  The #4 bars will be drilled an epoxied into the 
. > concrete slabs above and below for lateral stability. I will perform a 
. > seismic analysis to determine the spacing of the bars.

. > I appreciate any input.

. > Jason Kilgore
. > Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
. > Kansas City, Missouri

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