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RE: Paso Robles Earthquake

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Earthquake insurance is insurance to repair damage caused by an earthquake, 
just like wind insurance is to repair damage to the insured from wind, but 
does not protect the insured from liability due to a piece of the building 
blowing off and decapitating someone.  (Also like collision damage insurance 
on your car --- it repairs damage to your car.  Your liability coverage would 
pay for damage to another's car or to an individual were you at fault.)

The incentive to retrofit is that you will be less likely to have your 
building collapse and injure someone in an earthquake than if you didn't 
retrofit.  As USGS' Lucy Jones is quoted as saying, building owners gamble 
that they will never need the retrofit.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jake Watson wrote:

. > This brings up an interesting point.  Where do the insurance companies sit
. > on this issue in California?  If the owner gets sued for not retrofitting
. > the building, will to owner pay or will the insurance company likely pick 
. > up the tab?  If it's the insurance company, do you know of any companies 
. > that revise rates based on retrofits? Bottom line, in hindsight it's easy 
. > to say it would have been cheaper to fix the building.  But are there any 
. > monetary incentives going forward?

. > Jake Watson, P.E.
. > Salt Lake City, UT

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. > I will also assume that the anguished husband of the dead woman, as well 
. > as the parents of the young girl, will make the cost of retrofit appear 
. > like a mere pittance to the building's owner and the historical 
. > preservation group.

. > A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
. > Tucson, Arizona

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