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Re: Paso Robles Earthquake

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Thank you  Steven! ! Sorry if it sounded like a lecture.  I had had a lot of experience  with these buildings in the 80's  & 90's.
Have ia very happy holidays ! 


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    My earlier comments did not have these interests in mind.
    Dennis Wish wrote:
    > Steven,
    > It is really a question of accessibility to financing to get the work
    > done. The cost can be amortized and charged to the tenants, but this
    > may result in the loss of occupants and the inability to restore use
    > of the building if the leasable space is too high for the area. I?m
    > not specifically speaking of Paso Robles, but of other areas where
    > Cities own some of the buildings and are attempting to establish
    > either Entitlement Zones (where the State of California provides tax
    > breaks and money for new business to lease these buildings) or an
    > Empowerment Zone (where the Federal Government offers the tax
    > advantages in leasable space and in salary compensation).
    > Until either the State or the Feds can insure use of the building and
    > a growing economy in areas that are hard hit or low income, then the    

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