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Re: Paso Robles Earthquake /ref. to Santa Monica

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Your report was interesting Dennis. My experience in Santa Monica was and
is similar. With regard to URM buildings I believe some have slipped
through the process and remain hazardous. A very high end restaurant in
SM is URM and has never been retrofitted to my knowledge (and I am in the
City almost every day).
The City adopted a soft story ordinance in 1994 and about 1400 of the
1800 identified buildings were retrofitted. In about 1998 new
administration stopped the program and a much more stringent soft story
ordinance was adopted. Since that time almost no additional retrofits of
the remaining 400 soft story buildings has been done even though the time
 limit has passed long ago. Most of the soft story buildings are
apartments and rent control has a lot to do with the available funds for
retrofitting. Some owners have attempted to do voluntary strengthing to a
lesser extent than the new ordinance but these attempts have not been
approved. The result is several hundred vulnerable buildings.

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA

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