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America for Americans - A recent graduates perspective on the implications of outsourcing

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America for Americans

The more I read about the outsourcing issue, the more fearful I become about my future.  I choose engineering because I thought it would grant me access to a multi-million dollar construction industry that would provide steady employment and above average wages throughout my working career.  As an American, I understand that this country is run by the almightily dollar and I am disturbed to know that my future is being jeopardized so that certain firms within the industry can save a buck.  I foresee outsourcing, if unchecked, as having the potential of lowering my standard of living right here in the United States.  Its all to clear - American firms outsource to India to raise their profit margin, therefore, American based firms must lower fees and thus my future salary to compete.  In the end, the entire profession is held back.

I may be an American and may have been given more opportunity than those of you from India, but I have fought for everything I have been given.  Now, my future and that of my future children is being jeopardized for the sake of yours and I am supposed to welcome you?  I am supposed to praise world equality even though it means I sacrifice and you benefit?  Outsourcing is bad for the citizens of the United States and good for the rest of the world.  I'm sorry, but I don't care about the rest of the world.  Like the rest of world, my family and my friends come first.  I see nothing wrong with competing - one to one - with any Graduate from any university in India.  If, on American soil, you have the skills to beat me out of job - then you deserve it.  However, outsourcing gives you an unfair advantage that will ultimately lead to lost jobs for Americans.  From the way it sounds, none of you from India care about that fact.  If every engineering job from America was outsourced to a firm from India and every American SE lost his job - none of you would care because your making money, because your providing for your family, because your getting the chance to make a better future for your children.  That's what is important, not the welfare of the American whose job you took.  I'm all for the successful integration of the Indian people, or people of any other origin with a genuine desire to better themselves, on American soil, but would legislate outsourcing out of practice in an instant if given the power.  

If you wish to reap the benefits of the American economy, then immigrate and strive to become an American citizen.  Isn't that what the American dream is all about?  I have fought my way through our public school system, paid American taxes on every paycheck, paid the expenses of American healthcare to heal my wounds, paid American prices at the gas station, the grocery store, the lunch room and everywhere else.  I have done my part to earn a peice of the American dream.  What about you?  I understand your living conditions have been tough, I understand that you have struggled every bit, if not more, than I have.  I understand that you see the American economy as way to transcend.  Good.  Your on the right track, but don't expect us to deliver it to you.  The American dream is an opportunity for the American citizen, its not about sending checks abroad.

Matthew Leaper
Structural EIT
Omaha, Nebraska

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