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Re: America for Americans - A recent graduates perspective on t

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>I choose engineering because I thought it would grant me access to a 
>multi-million dollar construction industry that would provide steady 
>employment and above average wages throughout my working career.
That is so quaint...I just love it. Like I told my ME uncle 40 years 
ago--'I figure when I'm making $10 grand a year, I'll pretty much have it 
made.' Or the personnel people who talked about career paths and how 
they'd never had a layoff. Or all the wars to end wars. 

I really think engineering is a wonderful profession, but not because 
corporate management gives a damn whether you end up rich or surrounded 
by store carts full of pop cans. I learned a lot working captive, and my 
only regret is that I didn't realize sooner that private practice would 
be so much better.  

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