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IRAN QUAKE/can we discuss ths?

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Title: IRAN QUAKE/can we discuss ths?

Fellow Structural Engineers:

You all know by now that early Friday morning (Dec 26) the historic city of Bam in south-east Iran was hit with a 6.3 Richter Scale quake. Latest figure (BBC/Iran News) stands +25,000 dead and +50,000 injured.

This ancient city is located close to Pakistani province of Balochistan and we know about a FAULT (am not sure of the name)that strecthes from the Caspiabn Sea through into Iran. It then enters into Pakistan, passes thorugh Pakistani Balochistan and through Karachi (southern city of Pakistan) where this fault is known as ALLAHBAND FAULT. This particular fault then traverses through the Runn of Kutch in the south of Pakistan and then enters into Gujrat in India. It is understood frequent quakes in Gujrat (in the recent past and the last devastating one in Bhujj in Gujrat) is infact owing to this particular fault. Karachi has also experienced several minor jolts in the past (the last one was 4.3 Richter Scale in 2000 probably) but remains fortunate to be safe, so far, from any major devastation.

May I request experts on the subject (especially the Iranians, if any on this LIST for whom I extend my hearfelt condolence for this disaster also) to throw some lights on the issue per se?

My thanks in advance for the same to all.

Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, M.ASCE
Senior Structural Engineer
Saudi Oger Ltd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia