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RE: IRAN QUAKE/can we discuss this?

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If you want you can find out more about EERI at  They are an
private non-profit organization that "studies" issues about earthquakes
(not just engineering, but also geology, seismology, life line, emergency
management, etc).  They will usually send people to seismic events all
over the world in an attempt to document the results/aftermath and also
learn from them.  They will usually release a preliminary report shortly
after the event (a couple of months or so), which is then followed by
final report later.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Syed Faiz wrote:

> About that EERI that you mentioned in your mail: frankly I am not aware of this unless its got to do with the 1990's UN Decade of Natural Disaster Mitigation. I know for sure, the public sector Building Research Institutes in Pakistan, one of them called Council for Works & Housing Research (CWHR) and the academics are alive to seismic issues and are also cognizant with the international activities related to the same. In Pakistani Balochistan area (close to this site of disaster in Iran) we have in place a seismic bye-law, with both engineered & non-engineered seismic treatment for strenghtening of structures (called the bye-law of Quetta Development Authority) developed & promulgated in 1936, immediately after that famous EQ of 1935. This makes manadatory for all new construction in stones & adobe to follow certain guidelines to make the structures seismic resistant. There are guidelines also in place to strengthen the old structures for the same purpose. These are basically empirically established, cost-effective non-engineered treatments for low income housing. For other types of structures (in reinforecd concrete, steel & others) we have a National seismic Code in place also.

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