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Re: Info on Bam Quake, and how to help

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Subject: Re: Info on Bam Quake, and how to help

> Bill
> First of all, these are not Saadi's descendants blowing things up. Saadi
was an Iranian poet
> and I haven't heard many instances of Iranians blowing things up.

So you're saying you haven't ever heard of Hizbollah?

> Second, even the US government, who has been at odds with the current
> government has offered to help and a 200 member Urban Search and Rescue
team and
> tons of medical help have already arrived in Iran.

Well, again, that's beside the point I was making. Of course the U.S. and
other western nations will help. That's what we do. And as it happens, my
own religious affiliation, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
has already sent supplies and personnel as well, which we members of the
Church pay for through our regular donations.

Meanwhile, when the towers fell, you had people dancing in the streets in
the Middle East.

Interesting dichotomy, wouldn't you say?

> The point of this is that, when it comes to disasters, one should set
aside philosophical
> differences and help the innocent people whose lives have been devastated
by the incident.

My comment was directed at the piece of verse that was posted, unrelated to
the disaster in Iran. I couldn't help but notice that deeds and words seem
to be divorced from one another among many middle eastern cultures, that
verse being but one example.

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