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RE: Philosophical Differences

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Title: RE: Philosophical Differences

People dancing in the streets after an earthquake in another country generally reflects poor individual character.  However, it is representative of the widespread hatred of the American culture and the American foreign policy machine that threatens their land and their religion for the sake of our obsession with consuming energy, ie. oil.  The ideals of democracy and civil rights and the American dream do not extend beyond the borders of the country.  But the greenback and the all mighty military does. 

Right or wrong, terrorists are furious about something.  Palestinians want their land back.  Chechen's don't want to be ruled by the Russian's.  What is Al Qaeda's message?  I can't imagine they'd take a 747 and slam it into a highrise because it seems like a good thing to do. What is it that has pissed them off about American foreign policy?

Was there terrorists in Iraq?  No.  Was there WMD? Seems not.  Saddam has something that Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz cannot afford for the public to know.  A nuclear weapon with a "Made in USA" sticker on the side perhaps? We know that Iraq was given all kinds of technology to fight the Iranians with.  Russia, France, Germany and a host of others built up the Iraqi war machine to fight the Iranians, including chemical weapons.  Then after Saddam started using the stuff in villages that were occupied by the Iranian army and it made it on camera (by the Iraqi's that invited the media in to see it) the Americans wanted to stop shipments of the chemicals.  However, the American farmers lobby protested stopping the chemical shipments because much of the material was generated by agricultural products.  So the administration agreed and shipments did not stop.  Can't jeoporadize the lifestyle of the American farmer for the sake of some villages in the middle east now can we!

Perhaps "good will in common" could be shown by giving the people at Guantanamo Bay a fair trail.

"bad apple" = George W.

Just a thought..

> I agree with Bill and Jason.  The west will respond to this tragedy in a
> humanitarian sympathetic manner - as they should. However, the people of
> Islam need to take a look at their attitude regarding people of other
> faiths and pour shame upon those among them who would purposely target
> and terrorize innocent civilians.
> ag

In fact, many of them DO--but not enough.

I personally think there has been a sea-change among many of the peoples of
the Middle East who follow Islam. But we're going to have to see if they can
match deeds with words, such as the words of the Sa-adi poem posted earlier.

Most people of faith share a great deal of good-will in common--but it only
takes a few determined "bad apples" to spoil it for all.

But the words of Sa-adi just leapt out at me when the OP put them out there.
What a wonderful sentiment--and how different from what you mostly hear
these days coming from places like Iran.