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RE: Philosophical Differences

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Title: RE: Philosophical Differences
Don't tell me the war started on 9/11.  It started decades ago.  Why did Osama B-L do what he did?  He's obviously a maniac with a lot of power, but he was trying to certainly make a statement.  What was that statement?
If America's purpose was to stop Hussien from torturing and murdering, then there's a long list of countries that better look out; China, North Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA.  Human rights violations are terribly wide spread throughout the world.  Why pick on Saddam right now?  During the lead up to the war, it seemed like this was the following discussion:
US: Iraq has WMD and they're goint to use them on us, JUST LIKE 9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN!
Iraq: We don't have WMD anymore
UN: Let us look and find out
Iraq: Ok, but stay out of my palace bedroom
US: SEE! Proof.  He's hiding something
UN: Ok, let us look
Iraq: Ok, you can look in my bedroom
North Korea: I have nukes!  I'm gonna use them too!
US: Shut up.  We don't care.
Iraq: I don't have WMD.
US: Yes you do.
NK:  I do, I do!
US: Shut up!
UN: We can't find any, it's gonna take more time.
US: But you've had 3 weeks!  Too late, get out.
UN: Oh crap.
France et al:  Hey you can't do that!
US:  French fries are now called Freedom fries.  Europeans are Saddam sympathizers and we can't believe you forgot that we liberated you in WWII.
France et al:  Ya but..  that's different.
NK: I'm gonna use my nukes and I'm not kidding
US: Shut up, we want Saddam.
*BOOM* Shock and awe... year later, no WMD found...
France & UN: See, there were no WMD!
US: Ya, but Saddam was torturing his people.
UN: So?
US: And he was paying families of suicide bombers!
Iraq: Ya but you're paying 100,000 troops to occupy my land.  Get out!
US:  Damn insurgents.  Don't respect how we liberated them.  Just like France.
France:  Geez..
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Disagree - as of 9/11 the world changed.  We are in a war against terrorism and those who sympathize with them - like Saddam, who paid thousands to the families of suicide bombers and supports the likes of Osama B-L throughout the world.  Thanks to George W., we're attempting to root out the bad guys and those who support them.
Saddam would still be torturing and murdering right now if we had just appeased out European "allies".