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RE: Philosophical Differences

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Title: RE: Philosophical Differences

The only ones who seem to have benefited from the war are:


1)         The Iraqi people (though many of them don’t seem to realize it yet…they will, in time)


2)         Haliburton and the rest of the W/Chaney military industrial complex…



It sure as hell isn’t the US solder…





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Subject: RE: Philosophical Differences


I agree entirely that the world is better off without Saddam.  Same with Hitler (your previous mention of the Nazis).  But as I said, there's quite a number of bad guys out there.  Why haven't we invaded Saudi Arabia?  Talk about breeding terrorists!  We haven't given them any WMD though.


I'm not saying the invasion was wrong or right.  I have heard so many different opinions that I'm not sure I have one myself.  As you say, even the American government (Dems vs. Reps) are split. I'm just reading some seemingly self centered posts about people of Islam improving their behavior, "match words with deeds".  There's much more to the story and I'm interested to learn.  Like, who is on the American secret service payroll?  I can imagine there's some pretty shady characters that are being funded by the American tax dollar.


Ok, last post.  Back to my stack design..

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Subject: RE: Philosophical Differences

I'm glad Saddam is out of power.  I'm sorry if you're not.

My last post on this subject.