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RE: Paso Robles and other earthquakes 2

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Right on Steve. I am amassed at the high military expenditures compared to
GDP that governments make while ignoring more important investment in their
nations infrastructure and food production. Some examples include North
Korea, Iraq, Iran, India, Libya, USSR and the USA (it is not religion

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Subject: Paso Robles and other earthquakes 2

My original message was too long (Dennis, how do you manage to do that?), so
I divided it in two...
Part 2: Bam Earthquake
It can be said that at M6.3, the Bam earthquake was about 40 times "lighter"
than the Northridge one - that also occurred in a heavily populated area,
and also very early in the morning.  The difference in human losses is
staggering.  The human tragedies are incomprehensible.  The cultural losses
(e.g., a 2000-years-old fortress dating back to Great Silk Road) are, most
probably, irreversible.  
The government there was definitely 100% aware of the danger (it was not the
first devastating earthquake there).  However, very little, if anything,
appears to have been done to prevent the loss of life (I may be wrong on
that - I would appreciate Iranian engineers to correct me and to tell this
list of what had been done).  In lieu of such explanation, the devastating
losses in Bam do not qualify as resulting from the "act of God."  
In any case, I hope that the people and, may be, the government (?) of Iran
will make something good to come out of that terrible tragedy... For
example, instead of bashing the West, the government may try to learn from
it how to value human lives in general - and how to save human lives from
well-predictable deadly hazards in particular.  
May be, more money will be spent on the people of Iran, and not on known
less humanistic causes...  What I hope the most, however, is that the
Iranian people THEMSELVES will try to learn how to build safer houses.
Hopefully, the engineers and Internet can help. 
Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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