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RE: Paso Robles and other earthquakes 2

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I agree that with your options of the USA. I am not bashing the USA. I only
included my country in the sense of fairness since we are seen as treats by
the other countries in the list. The USA spends ~ 5% GDP on defense. The
others spend four to five times that amount. That money would be better
spend on human needs of transportation and quality construction. Leaders who
truly care for there people should agree. Why do North Korea, Libya, Iran,
or Iraq need nuclear weapons?

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Subject: Re: Paso Robles and other earthquakes 2

Just some thoughts...
I am not an expert on "North Korea, Iraq, Iran, India, and Libya" mentioned
in your post - only as much as I can read in the press.  As far as USSR is
concerned - I know something, as I lived and worked there for many years.  I
am very much into history of Russia and of the United States.  
In the late 1940s (1948?), there was an earthquake in Ashkhabad (at that
time - Soviet Central Asia). The entire ancient city (republican capital)
was destroyed with presumably hundreds of thousands dead.  Considering the
historical period, it was 100% blacked out of any media.  Nobody even knows
where they were buried (we do not want to know HOW they were buried).    
There was an earthquake in Spitak in 1997 (IIRC).  By official estimates
(perestroika was in full swing), it left 25,000 dead, predominantly, due to
shady construction - the earthquake science and codes in USSR and Russia
were/are well developed.  
Over the modern history, and up until recently, there were countless
instances of criminal and unbelievable disregard to human life in USSR and
Russia - anthrax outbreak in the Ural region, nuclear testing over populated
areas, Chernobyl, nuclear sub Kursk, etc.        
With all the cold-war expenditures of the US government, you cannot even
remotely compare the ordeal of people in [quite cold] Alaska after a M9.0 in
1964 to that of the Iranian folks now (reportedly) freezing after the Bam
Why am I saying all that? Because with what I know (including some
not-so-pleasant aspects of the US history), I still would never put United
States in one row with the aforementioned countries.  
Call it hyper-sensitivity by a first-generation immigrant - I do not mind.
After so many years in this country, US-bashing still troubles me - although
I accept 100% the need for self-bashing for our survival and prosperity.
Paraphrasing W. Churchill, United States definitely has the worst
governmental system - not counting all others...
"Seeing from both worlds", I firmly believe that, no matter what they think
of us out there, in most (if not all) instances, United States stands on
higher moral (alas, not always practical) grounds.  With our Constitution
and the aforementioned "bashing" in place we seem to have powerful enough
tools to always correct ourselves into the  right course.  Hopefully, WE -
Republicans and Democrats, whites, blacks, and all others - will be able to
appreciate and preserve what we have, and to keep doing what we are doing
for the better of all people.  We just need to try our best - and history
will sort it out, as it always does. 
Wishing good New Year to all, and some warm weather to people in Bam and
other cold places - 
Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA   

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<...> I am amassed at the high military expenditures compared to
GDP that governments make while ignoring more important investment in their
nations infrastructure and food production. Some examples include North
Korea, Iraq, Iran, India, Libya, USSR and the USA (it is not religion

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