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RE: Philosophical Differences

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You miss the point altogether.  We all agree it is 
good that Saddam is out.  We dislike the way it 
was achieved.  Back a murderous thug as long as it 
suits your government (approx 20 years).  Go after 
him now that you have a president who has a grudge 
against him.  Ignore the other despots who are a 
bigger threat, i.e North Korea, but go after the 
one who has the oil (world's 2nd largest 
reserves).  Despite some good reasons (and some 
bad ) from the rest of the world not to invade, go 
invade anyway and then complain when it turns into 
a quagmire and the United Nations won't help out 
in Iran.  Which country will the US invade next?  
After all, they are the only ones who can decide 
who is bad or not.

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