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RE: Misc Opinions

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Think again:The rip off indicated by David is beyond the realm of economics.

Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:
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Where else can you own a company that obtains a no-bid government contract, operates in an area over the world’s

No…Bill’s right.


I’ve enrolled in ECON 100 at the local community college.


My goal is to be more “freakin” informed by Memorial Day.



Some interesting stuff here though, even for the unfreakin’ informed!!!!


(for those of you who aren’t registered with the NYT, I’ll email the article to SEAINT)




I also stand corrected…its was $2.89 a gallon.





David L. Fisher, SE, PE


Head of Design and Construction


Cape Cod Grand Cayman Holdings Ltd.

75 Fort Street

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

British West Indies


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largest oil reserves and charge the US taxpayer $5.00 for a gallon of gas?

And while you're at it consider: We live in a society where an otherwise well-educated engineer can get by in life perfectly well without knowing one freakin' thing about basic economics.

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