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RE: Misc Opinions

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You wrote......"The reason that buildings fail in third world are not because the engineers are incapable of designing earthquake resistant buildings but for the following reasons.
  • the majority of the building stock is old and therefore built before engineers trained in earthquake design were available.
  • lack of enforcement of codes and quality assurance standards in new buildings because of corruption or ineptitude of Government Agengies responsible.
  • Many clients will not use the better engineering firms because of cost and will use firms incable of Seismic resistant design.
  • Lack of knoweledge of the regions seismiscity. Many countires do not have properly prepared seismic hazard maps. Poorer countries often do not make such research a priority.
  • And yes the value put on human life is lower."
But, Francois, the question is still there.  What are engineers doing in the third world countries to address and correct these problems?  The first four items have been addressed before on this list regarding the conditions in this country and I think many of us on this list are involved with codes, laws, cost concerns for our engineering, voting and making our buildings safer.
Jim Persing, PE
Washington, USA