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Re: Philosophical Differences

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Subject: RE: Philosophical Differences

> You miss the point altogether.  We all agree it is
> good that Saddam is out.  We dislike the way it
> was achieved.  Back a murderous thug as long as it
> suits your government (approx 20 years).

Yeah. The way you lot "backed" Joe Stalin for FIFTY years?

The fact is that it was in the U.S.' best interests in the 1970s through the
early 80s to "back" Saddam. That is historically how we have influence.

You are of course ignoring the reason we "backed" him: The Islamic
"Republic" of Iran, and their delightful shenanigans.

Democrats on the Left have a long, venerable history of "backing" murderous
thugs, from Pol Pot to Castro to Ortega to Ho Chi Minh. The difference is:
When we "back" our thugs, it is for the safety and security of the U.S. When
YOU do, it is for the furthering of the socialist revolution.

Equivalence doesn't work here.

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