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May I suggest once again that we keep our discussions somewhat relevant to SE on the list? Who has the time to read all of the opininions on the list? Nobody will every agree on politics. If there are 4 news channels and they are all discussing these same things, what makes us think we will solve something with a paragraph or ten (Gail). There are a million magazines, books, radio shows, TVs, etc. dedicated to all of these interesting topics, and I love hear the opinions but....  I need a list about SE, I can find the other info some other place.
And Gail is quite right, I know LOTS of foreigners who come here to go to college and never leave. I would say this is how most professionals from other countries immigrate. H1-B and practical experience visas are inroads to green cards. Some get goverment sponsorship from their countries to come here, and in turn must return for X years to repay. Some never go back even for this time. Others return after that. I would think these countries are doing this in an effort to better educate professionals so they can return to their countries and make those countries better. Seems to be backfiring and hurting all of us except those fortunate enough to take advantage. I saw a 60 minutes special on how the US is recruiting (stealing) nurses from South Africa, which has a 20% HIV infection rate among adults. We are not the only ones hurt/helped by outsourcing/immigration/globalization.

Andrew kester